Stanley Square, 11 Town Square, Sale, M33 7WZ

Arpenteur is supporting the vendors and funders, Fairfield Real Estate Finance, execute a short to medium term exit strategy.

Stanley Square comprises a shopping centre configured in an L-shape with a part covered and part open street-scape, incorporating a central square. Above two sections of the shopping centre there are two office buildings, Acre House (sold off and now with residential use) and Springfield House. There is also a multi-storey car park and three main loading and parking areas.

The shopping centre has been struggling due to the poor range of tenants and permeability issues. Recent initiatives have begun to introduce a mix of food & beverage tenants which will not only improve the retail experience but also attract new customers and improve trading hours. Planning has been secured for a redevelopment of part of the shopping centre, comprising of the current car park, service areas & third party land. It has become apparent through detailed costings and market interest that the proposals are challenging.